Voice-Enable Your Text Campaigns With Our Spoken Keyword® Service

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Voice-Enable Your Text Campaigns with our Spoken Keyword® Service

Saying a keyword is easier than typing a keyword (and having to remember a 5 or 6 digit shortcode).

So make it easy on your customers.  Don’t ask them to “text PIZZA to 45505” (or whatever).  Just let them dial #250 and say your brand’s keyword using our spoken keyword® service.

Not only can they receive a text reply, they can hear an audio greeting you provide, which instructs them what to do with the info in the text reply, or simply amplifies your marketing message.

#250 is the only nationwide speed dial that uses the Spoken Keyword® Service to provide simple access to advertisers and non-profits.

By providing a “voice” front-end to your texting programs, you get more customers doing it (because it is easier), and you helping to avoid a texting & driving situation, which is good for all of us.

In fact, using the Bluetooth feature in a car, a consumer can connect with an advertiser without typing a single character or dialing a single digit!  This is illustrated in the video below.

To get details about how #250 can take your radio advertising campaigns from good to great, give us a call at 888-268-3135 or fill out our simple Information Request Form. Better yet, just dial #250 from your mobile phone and say “Get More Calls!”

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