The #250 Video Gallery

#250 for Political Candidate Campaigns

How the universal mobile speed dial #250 can be used to allow donors, volunteers, and voters engage with a candidate’s political campaign- “just dial #250 and say the candidate name or slogan!”

#250 for Issue Advocacy Campaigns

“Call Your Congressman” appeals can now have their impact TRACKED! Nobody that hears such a campaign can remember the briefly recited or displayed phone number — plus, you wouldn’t know it if they DID call. By contrast, ask voters to Dial #250 & Say “Tax Reform” or another issue name or slogan — our platform will connect the voter to the Congressman’s office — AND for the first time ever, you’ll know how many voters did it, meaning you’ll now know if your media dollars had an impact.

#250 Client Testimonial

The Mosquito Authority franchise president, Joey Osborn, shares his thoughts about the strength and power of using Pound250 to help generate more leads from radio from prospective franchisees.

#250 in a TV Ad

Ackerman Security is using #250 in their radio advertising in three southeastern markets – and they have supplemented Radio with this television ad – illustrating the power of an integrated media plan.

Dialing #250 In Car Using Bluetooth

This is a great video that shows how simple it is for potential customers to reach the advertisers they hear on the radio or see on passing billboards. Unlike calls to hard to remember 800 numbers, with #250, advertisers are also able to connect with potential customers via text message, web links and more. And it’s all done hands free!

#250 in Political TV Ad

US Congressman Devin Nunes (Fresno, CA) asks his constituents, volunteers and donors to dial #250 on their mobile phone and say DEVIN.  Callers receive a text reply, and are opted-in to receive future messages from his office (and campaign).  Text Alerts will be used for information updates, events & campaign rallies, and importantly for get-out-the-vote on election day.

#250 used in Digital Display Advertising

Creative Media Technologies (CMT), a provider of In-Taxi Digital Advertising has launched #250 in Boston taxi cabs, as part of its My Choice program for suggesting additions to its on-screen Restaurant Guide.

#250 in a TV Ad - Supporting the Arts!

The citizens of Greater Kansas City can now simply dial #250 & say “KC Arts” to reach any local arts & cultural organization.  Since they don’t have to look up box office phone numbers, this means more participation and more ticket sales.

Founder David Robinett on Easy Brand Engagement

Mobile Direct Response (MDR) Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Robinett describes the essential benefits of #250 for consumers and advertisers.

#250 used in Digital Display Advertising

Watch how Exhale Spas of Boston utilizes #250 to allow prospects and customers to put their minds at ease with no phone numbers to remember!