Kansas City PBS Affiliate Sees Increase in Calls & Donations, Thanks to #250!

pbs1-300x300KCPT, Kansas City’s local PBS affiliate was the first PBS member station in the country to offer a new mobile phone technology that allows viewers to support the station and their favorite shows.

During the most recent telethon, viewers were simply instructed to dial #250 on their mobile phones, and say “KCPT” at the prompt.  As a result of this new technology, which is so much easier than remembering ten digit numbers, the local PBS affiliate claims that they saw a direct increase of XX% over previous, similar fundraising drives.

kcpt_nick_smallTo get details about how #250 can skyrocket the amount of calls and donations your organization receives, give us a call at 816-559-0620 or fill out our simple Request Information Form. Better yet, just dial #250 on your mobile phone and say “Get More Calls”.

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