Mobile Response Fundraising

Get 30-50% More Donor Gifts with #250

Your potential donors don’t have to remember your 10-digit phone number. #250 is an easy-to-remember, easy-to-use shortcut for them to donate, especially when on the go or attending a charity event.


How #250 Fundraising Works

#250 Creates Seamless Direct Connections

No forgetting, loss of motivation, or getting side-tracked. More measurable than website visits, which could be coming from any media or campaign.


Advertise on any media channel with your #250 number and keyword

Get Connected

Connect the caller to your call center, and/or deliver web links to their phone when they dial #250 & say your keyword

Convert & Track Donors

Accept donations and track conversion data in real time

#250 Non-Profit Partnerships

Learn How To Get More Donations!