Talk Show Host Lights Up the Phone Lines From Use of #250

moe ansari gets more callsMoe Ansari talks for a living. For years he’s done his syndicated radio and invited listeners to call in using an 800 number. In early 2016, Moe made the switch to #250 and now asked his callers to simply dial #250 from their mobile phones and then say a spoken keyoword. What happened to his call volume? It went up 59% year over year! His listeners didn’t have to remember a long 800 number! Now all they had to do was dial #250!

Listen to so many have utilized #250 in their ad by clicking here.

To get details about how #250 can painlessly increase calls and new business, give us a call at 816-559-0620 or fill out our simple Request Information Form. Better yet, just push #250 from your mobile phone and say “Get More Calls”.

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