Location Services Terms and Conditions


MDR Group, LLC dba #250 (“#250” or “we”) understands that your privacy is important to you. #250 is strongly committed to protecting your privacy and the personal information that you may provide as you access and use the #250 platform and materials on pound250.com (the “Site”) including the subscription pages of the Site. In this written Location Services Terms and Conditions policy, #250 describes the scope and breadth of our use of customer location lookup services. #250 may, in its discretion, amend this Location Services Terms and Conditions policy from time to time. Any material changes to our policy will be reflected on this page, so that you remain informed about the information we collect and how we use it.


When calling into the #250 platform, we may request your permission to obtain your location using your mobile phone.  Your location information will be used to automatically route your call to the nearest answering point based on your current location.  The #250 platform will never locate you without your positive consent to a one-time location lookup (latitude, longitude and accuracy estimate).

Opting Out

In the event that you opt-in to using location services on the #250 platform, you will be automatically opted out of location services after you have been located.  You will not be located after the initial lookup unless you use the service again in the future and provide your positive consent to be located again at that time.

Protecting Your Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us and so this service uses only secure HTTPS communication with SSL Encryption to obtain your location data.  After opting in to location services, #250 will gather your location (latitude, longitude, and accuracy estimate) briefly while you are on the phone with #250 in order to direct your call to the most appropriate answering point.  Specific latitude and longitude location data that approximate your location are deleted immediately after your call has been completed.

Sharing of Information

The location information (latitude, longitude, and accuracy estimate) obtained for call routing purposes during your call will not be shared with any parties or used for any other purpose than its intended use (see “Definition” above for more information).

Contact Us

For more information or help with this service, please email us at questions@pound250.com or call 816-559-0620.