Talk Show Host Lights Up the Phone Lines From Use of #250

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CRN Digital Talk Radio syndicates the hottest talent in talk radio to satellite and cable systems around the country, (including Cox Communications, Charter, Comcast Cable and others), broadcast radio stations, the Internet and a variety of talk radio applications.

They have expanded access to their programming via their streaming app, and #250 has helped them put it in more listener hands via the invitation to dial #250 and say “CRN Talk”.  Our platform greets the caller and asks permission to send the one-time text message containing the precise link to download their mobile app – which saves the user from having to search through the Apple or Google App Store.  They click the link to install and are streaming in minutes!

Listen to how so many have utilized #250 in their ad by clicking here.

To get details about how #250 can painlessly increase calls and new business, give us a call at 888-268-3135 or fill out our simple Request Information Form. Better yet, just push #250 from your mobile phone and say “Get More Calls”.

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