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How can TV / Video advertising be better?

Your potential customer, patron, client, donor, student, voter is at home.  Like many Americans he or she is watching TV, or at least has it on in the background.  The programming ends and the commercial break begins.  One after another he is flooded with messages asking or telling him what to buy, where to shop, who to vote for.  He’s hit with addresses, websites and traditional 10 digit toll free numbers.

But one message cuts through the clutter.  It’s the one that sounds like this:  “Just call #250 from your mobile phone and say ‘KEYWORD'”.  It’s a message that barely even needs to be repeated. Surely anyone can remember #250 and one simple keyword… “Hillary”, “Pizza”, “Credit Repair”, “Hair Removal”.  After all, the advertiser is only asking them to remember a keyword that directly identifies with the brand and with the consumers’ need.

To summarize, the problems are:

  • People are naturally somewhat lazy.  Most won’t get off the couch to write down a phone number.
  • One spot after another, how can anyone remember all those phone numbers?
  • TV is currently a “one way” medium. People see your spot, but you don’t know who they are.

#250 solutions include:

  • #250… quick and easy!
  • put it on speed dial
  • or, use voice to “Call Pound 250″
  • One number connects you with multiple advertisers
  • Because of category exclusivity, advertiser is protected… caller gets the company they saw in the ad
  • EASY to do
  • Connection is made between advertiser and caller. - Text, QR code, link, subscribe…
  • Reach out to consumers via SMS at a later date
  • Use to build e-mail list
  • Build connections… Now your spots are generating responses and you know who is responding.

To get details about how #250 can take your TV advertising campaigns from good to great, give us a call at 888-268-3135 or fill out our simple Information Request Form. Better yet, just dial #250 from your mobile phone and say “Get More Calls!”

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