Better Out-of-Home Advertising


Don’t Get Lost in the Great Outdoors! Get Better Out-of Home Advertising Results

Getting better Out-of-Home advertising is awesome for branding purposes.  But let’s imagine a couple typical stories.

First, your potential customer is driving down the highway at 75 mph. He’s on the phone, he’s thinking about work or picking the kids up from soccer. He sees a billboard… YOUR billboard! And he’s looking for (in this case) a realtor as he’s thinking of listing his house for sale. Quick… 480-696-… What was the rest of the number? Well, at least he saw the website, right? What was it again? Something about selling in Arizona? Now imagine the billboard simply said: Sell Your Home Now! Dial #250. Say “Phoenix Realtor.” Do you think your potential customer would be able to remember that? We do.

Our second story takes place in the mall. You’re trying to attract people to enroll in classes in your local Vocational-Technical School. You created a fantastic on-mall ad out of formerly unused, unnoticed space… your ad gets attention, but your phone number is so small, that nobody sees, remembers, or calls. In-mall advertising must not be working, right? Wrong. You did everything right, but you’re missing the boat on your call to action. A simple creative change to: “Call #250 from your cell phone and say “SUCCEED” gets your call volume up, your qualified leads increase and the number of enrollments goes up as well. So much so that you start including “Call #250 and say SUCCEED” in your print, radio and TV ads as well!

To summarize, the problems are:

  • People have short attention spans. If it doesn’t jump out at them and easily stick, it’s gone.
  • One billboard or sign after another, how can anyone remember all those phone numbers?
  • Outdoor has always been a “one way” medium. People see your message, but you don’t know who they are.

#250 solutions include:

  • Better Out-of-Home Advertising#250… quick and easy!
  • put it on speed dial
  • or, use voice to “Call Pound 250”
  • One number connects you with multiple advertisers
  • Because of category exclusivity, advertiser is protected… caller gets the company they saw in the ad
  • Easy to do
  • Connection is made between advertiser and caller. - Text, QR code, link, subscribe…
  • Reach out to consumers via SMS at a later date
  • Use to build e-mail list
  • Build connections… Now your billboards and signs are generating responses and you know who is responding.

To get details about how #250 can take your out of home advertising campaigns from good to great, give us a call at 888-268-3135 or fill out our simple Information Request Form. Better yet, just dial #250 from your mobile phone and say “Get More Calls!”

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