Connect via Voice and Text with Your Prospects!



Instant Agenttrademark

Deliver Calls to Call Center or IVR

Dial #250, say (keyword), and the call connects to a live agent or to your in-house automated attendant (IVR).  #250 can provide customized time-of-day and day-of-week routing, and geographical-based call routing.

Overflow Call SaverTM

No Busy Signals at Your Call Center, Ever!

Radio and TV ad campaigns drive lots of simultaneous calls.  If the call volume exceeds the number of available agents at your call center, you are probably giving those callers a BUSY SIGNAL, and you never knew how many buyers you were turning away!  This feature detects that busy signal, and prompts the caller to leave their name and number for a callback – and that voice message is emailed to designated agents for follow-up when they free up.  Saving these interested prospects can save tens of thousands of dollars in opportunity cost.

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Create Digital Connection Via Text Reply

Dial #250, say (keyword), and receive web links, phone number, store address, store locator, or mobile coupons, via SMS or MMS.  #250 allows you to “voice-enable” your text marketing programs.  It is much easier to say a keyword, than to have to type both a keyword and a shortcode into a mobile handset.  Easier  = more people willing to do it = more customers and sales!

Quick Coupontrademark

Say the brand name, Get a Coupon

#250 can deliver unique coupon codes, or static promo codes via SMS, or deliver bar-codes via MMS, driving online or physical store traffic & sales.

Nearest Metrademark

Deliver Inbound Calls To Nearest Store

#250 can deliver inbound callers to the store or dealer based on a combination of area code and ZIP code, which eliminates the need for your own call center that only serves as a traffic director.

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Deliver Mobile App Download Link To Handset

#250 can deliver mobile app download links directly to the handset of your customers, which not only saves them a trip to the app store, but insulates them from seeing competitive apps, which could steal your business.

candidate connect

Candidate Connecttrademark

Engage More Volunteers, Voters & Donors

#250 makes it easy for voter to connect with your campaign or that of your advocacy group.  Build opt-in databases of voters who can be “activated” on or before Election Day.

click to email

Click to Emailtrademark

Allows consumers to send pre-populated emails!

#250 can deliver a text reply with a link, that when clicked launches a pre-formatted email message, complete with Recipient & Message in the mobile user’s mobile email app.  This is particularly useful for political issues campaigns, as a means to allow constituents to deliver their opinion to elected officials.

text to voteEasy Votetrademark

Simply Say The Contestant To Vote

Much easier than texting in a vote, or dialing an 800#, TV shows can allow viewers to just dial #250 & SAY the name of their contestant.

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Connect via Voice and Text with Your Prospects!