Access for Alexa, Siri, Watson

What Can #250 Do For Your Voice Agent?

Get Immediate 99% Availability & Invade Other Ecosystems

Get immediate 99% availability (vs. in-home or app penetration) for your Voice AI Agent 

  • Get a #250 Spoken Keyword for consumers to access your Voice AI Agent

    • i.e. “Dial #250 and say ALEXA” (or Siri, Google, Watson or Cortana)

    • No App Install Required

  • Become the #250 Voice and Brain

What Can #250 Do For Your Skill?

Instant 99% Accessibility & Consumer Trial Method

Skill owners (brands) also get 99% accessibility & consumer trial method

  • Get a #250 Spoken Keyword to allow skill trial among non-Smart Speaker owners
  • Use your existing Wake Word; No skill activation required.
  • Implement via Amazon Lex or Google Dialog Flow
  • Option to connect via voice call to the brand / call center

Below: #250 CMO, Dave Robinett, explains the importance of Reach / Consumer Accessibility for Voice Agents & Skills at the “Voice in the Car Summit”, April 2019, at the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco: