Advantages of Using #250

#250 Delivers More Inbound Leads

#250 Encourages Immediate Response


This chart illustrates the half-life of interest. It is hard enough to grab the consumer’s attention via advertising. If we can interest them in our product AND motivate them to call (“The Moment of Conviction”), we certainly do not want any barriers to response.

Primary barriers to response include the inability to remember random 800 numbers or SMS shortcodes. THAT is why it takes multiple exposures to get a consumer to act - NOT because they cannot be convinced upon first exposure to the message.

When driving and listening to the radio, we can’t write down phone numbers nor dial safely (imagine hunting & pecking a vanity number on a two-lane highway). Texting is out of the question. Dialing #250 and conducting business by voice is the only safe solution.

Mobile phones now have higher penetration and usage than landlines. While watching TV ads, if I have to get off the couch to reach the landline or get a pencil, I’m not doing it. But I do have my mobile phone in my pocket, and can respond easily by dialing #250 and saying the product keyword.

Ease of Use means higher response rates.  Our clients have experienced 30% or better increases in call volume.

Leverage the Two Biggest Trends in Marketing: Mobile & Voice Recognition

In the last 5+ years, Marketers are realizing that Mobile is a strategy, not just a channel – and it needs to be front and center of marketing plans.  Mobile is personal.  Mobile can be geo-targeted. Mobile can engage consumers in either a voice conversation or digitally.  And most importantly, all consumers have a mobile phone in their pocket!

Only in the last year or so, Speech Recognition has been integrated into not only digital assistants like Siri and Google, Home Automation platforms, and TV menu systems, but into home speakers like Amazon’s Echo / Alexa, Google Home, and the Apple Home Pod.   The problem for marketers is two-fold: (1) Current penetration is only 20 million US households, and (2) that 20M is fragmented across platforms, so there is no universal way for a consumer to interact with them to engage with a brand.

THAT’S what makes #250 so powerful – it is a universal way for anybody with a mobile phone to engage and interact with a brand, simply by saying their brand keyword.  It doesn’t matter which carrier, nor handset, nor operating system, nor city of residence – virtually anybody in North America can dial #250 and connect to your brand, just by saying it.

If you’d like to take advantage of adding MDR’s #250 service to your next campaign, please call us at 888-268-3135 or fill out our simple Information Request Form. Better yet, just dial #250 from your mobile phone and say “Get More Calls!”