Problem: Radio Listeners are driving!

  • They can’t go to your website
  • They can’t text a keyword
  • They can’t remember a phone number
  • They can’t dial a vanity number

Solution: Universal Mobile Speed Dial

  • Only viable immediate response method
  • Typical Call Volume Lift of 20 to 150%

Works RIGHT NOW on your mobile phone!

Dial #250 and say “Get More Calls”!

Radio listeners are driving! (75% - 85%). So why are you asking them to go to a website, text a keyword, ore even dial a vanity phone number? They can’t do any of those things (legally or safely) while they are driving! Maybe they’ll remember to Google your business later on, but then they will also find all of your competitors as well!

You need to allow your prospects to respond right at the moment that your advertising convinced them that they need your service — and a mobile speed dial is the only viable method.

#250 (pound two-fifty) is a speed dial that works right now on virtually all mobile phones in the US and Canada. Advertisers use it as a replacement for long phone numbers that consumers cannot remember when heard in Radio or TV ads.

Consumers simply Dial #250 and Say a Keyword to connect to your business – via an inbound phone call, and/or a text message reply.  Simple.

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