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The History of Speed Dials

Learn about how phone companies came up with the 10 digit dialing pattern for North America, and then how network based speed dials were subsequently developed.

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Why Connected Cars Don’t Matter

While the radio industry grapples with what it should be doing about the connected car, there may be some comfort in knowing consumers are still a bit baffled by the connected car as well. Nielsen’s new AutoTECHCAST report shows that nearly one-third of consumers have never heard of these technology-enabled vehicles. “These consumers don’t know what connected cars do, and are not associating vehicle brands with infotainment badging.”

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Radio Listeners are Driving!

Many radio advertisers forget to consider the obvious about where broadcast radio is consumed –it’s predominately in the car! In this article, we’ll show you how you can not only reach them, but get them to CONNECT with your brand!

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Don’t panic. Don’t jump. Don’t freak out because the phones aren’t ringing, because your website didn’t blow up or that your friends haven’t stopped to tell you how great your commercial sounds.
It’s your first day on the air. Here’s what happened…CLICK TITLE ABOVE TO READ MORE

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